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Who doesn’t love a good dog meme?! We love them so much we thought we’d make a post dedicated to some we made ourselves.

We like to break it up a little though. So many dog memes these days are all about the laughs, and although we love those too, we’re more about the memes that pull on our heartstrings.

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Dogs are truly special animals. They do make us laugh, and memes only explore the truth of the humor of dogs. But dogs are so much more than the laughs, I’m sure you will agree.

Dogs bring out the best in people. They love us unconditionally, they’re there for us when others aren’t, and touch us deeply that they become part of who we are.

And so we wanted to explore that side of dogs through these heartfelt memes in 2021. Of course, we still like the funny dog memes, too, so we’ve added some in the mix. But as you look over the others, you will no doubt see the truth in these heartfelt dog memes we put together.

We hope you like them!

If you have any ideas of beautiful dog memes, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll put them together.

Well that’s all our memes for now, but we plan on making more because we love them so much! We hope you did, too.