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Keeping a dog mentally stimulated isn’t just important, it’s critical to their happiness and success.

A dog without mental stimulation becomes bored and their mental health can quickly deteriorate.

This leads to problem behaviors, and ultimately it can lead to depression.

This in turn leads to a shortened lifespan and a low quality of life…

Here are 5 sure-fire ways to challenge your dog’s brain and resolve their boredom fast – making them happier, smarter, and free of unwanted behaviors!

Taking a New Path

If you always take the same walk with your dog, then it’s time to change it up.

The daily walk for your dog isn’t just about exercise, although that is important.

But it’s the smells that switch on your dog’s brain.

A recent study by on Science Direct showed that dogs that performed nosework activities were more optimistic. 

Nosework promotes their natural instincts of foraging and stimulates their sensors.

Changing up your dog’s environment means something new to smell and explore, and in turn, it lights up their brain.

dog walk on road

Hide-and-Seek Games

Engaging your dog’s brain and keeping away the boredom blues can be as easy as hiding their favorite toy and asking them to find it.

Show it to your dog and get them excited, then hide it under a blanket.

It’s a simple game but it works well as a great problem-solving task for them to do.

One other simple game is having them sit and watch you hide treats around the house.

Then let them loose so they can sniff them out.

This encourages their natural foraging instincts, too!

A quality puzzle toy is also a great way to keep their brain active and stimulated.

We think our puzzle toy is the best, but don’t take our word for it, the reviews speak for themselves!

Check out our innovative Hide’n’Treat Puzzle Toy by HoundGames today.

Increase Your Dog’s Vocabulary

The average dog can learn 165 words. Some breeds, like the Border Collie or Poodle, can learn upwards of 250!

Teaching your dog new words is a great way to stimulate their minds and keeps them on their toes.

Change up commands. Next time they’re about to go outside for their business, say something new, like “Go Dookie Howser!”

Dogs learn fast, especially if it’s associated with a particular action.

You don’t have to stop at their toilet habits, you can change up any commands or words you like, adding to the ones they already know.

Keep Up Their Training

As your dog gets older, it’s easy to slow down on their training.

But dog training isn’t about learning new tricks. It’s about stimulating their minds and keeping them mentally active.

The brain is like a muscle, the less work you do with it, the weaker it is. And that goes for us humans, too!

We should do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and dancing. And dogs should train.

dog training at park

Turning a Bored Dog into a Genius

The best way to keep your dog’s brain active is through specific brain games and exercises.

These are fun little games you can play with your dog to ensure your dog’s mind stays active.

And they increase your dog’s intelligence, too!

Brain Training for Dogs contains 21 awesome brain games, including treasure hunts, hide and seek, playing the piano, and much more.

These games will unlock your dog’s natural intelligence, and turn them into a well-behaved and obedient genius!

And a happy one at that.

So be sure to check it out today, because your dog will be better off for it.

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