About Us

We’ve been dog lovers all our lives and we wanted to grow a business around that passion. We can’t help but feel proud knowing pups out there are having fun with our toys. It’s like we’ve been able to reach out and spend time with these gorgeous animals and hopefully enrich their lives.

It all goes back to our core statement of what HoundGames is all about:

To us, dogs are the most beautiful thing in the Universe. They love unconditionally and yearn to be with us. But sometimes we can’t pet them, or hold them, or play with them, or even kiss them! Which is why we’re here… to fill the gap. To be there when you can’t be.

We’re now working hard to bring out more puppy and dog products, but we’re taking our time. Just like our successful puppy play mat and puzzle toys, we want to put our best foot forward and provide dog products that have had thought put into them, and then back that up with the best quality we can achieve.

We believe our customers are on board with our vision for a company that provides the best dog toys on the market, because like us, they’re dog lovers and want the best for their animals.

We’re looking forward to the future ahead by enriching the lives of thousands of dogs throughout the world. We can’t wait for more puppies to be able to enjoy our play mat, puzzle toys, and the many new products we have to come!

Meet the Houndgames team

Passionate about Dogs

Marie founder of HoundGames

Marie Capell

Marie is a life-long dog lover and together with her husband founded HoundGames.

Alex Writz Dog Trainer

Alex Writz

Alex is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and our chief content writer. She is independently verified and has trained over 1000 dogs in her career.


Tamsin de la Harpe

Tamsin has worked extensively in dog behavior problems and is passionate about canine nutrition. She has worked with trainers who specialize in Shutzhund and protection training.

Dr Sara Ochoa

Dr. Sara Ochoa

Dr. Ochoa is a practicing veterinarian in a small animal hospital and she has years of experience in the field. She’s a treasure trove of information and HoundGames is lucky enough to have her contribute to our blog.