Puppy and Dog Resource List

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Puppy and Dog Feeding and Food Information

Best Dry Puppy Food: Small, Medium, Large Breeds (New 2022)

37 Tasty Foods Your Puppy Can and Cannot Eat

Soaking Puppy Kibble: How, Why, and When to Stop

Let Puppy Drink Water at Night: Yes, No, How Much?

When Can Puppies Eat Kibble? Answered!

Puppy Won’t Eat Kibble? Do This!

Dog Food Storage: Leftover kibble and wet food

Do Dogs Get Bored of Their Food? Answered!

Do Dogs Like the Taste of Kibble?

Can Kibble be Used as Treats? (Dog trainer answers)

Puppy Eating Without Chewing: (Is fast eating a problem?)

Can Chicken Give Dogs Diarrhea? Answered!

Switching Raw or Homemade Dog Food to Kibble

Mixing Kibble With Raw or Homemade Dog Food: (The Right Way)

Dog Feeding Calculator: Dog and Puppy Feeding Guide (All Breeds)

What is the best time to feed a dog?

How many cups is in a dog scoop?

Should I let my dog eat as much as he wants?

Is it cruel to feed a dog once a day?

Can You Overfeed Your Puppy? (Yes or No)

Grain Free Better for Puppies? (The Truth Revealed)

Dogs Chewing Bones: How Long is Okay?

How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink: (With Chart!)

Puppy Potty Training Posts

Puppy Peeing a Lot: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, What is Normal?

Puppy Still Not House-trained: Age expectations

When is a Puppy’s Bladder Fully Developed?

How long does puppy poop stay soft? Answered!

Puppy Won’t Poop Outside: Here’s What to Do

Puppy Takes a Long Time to Poop

Puppy Behavioral Posts

11 Easy Ways to Stop Your Dog Scratching the Door

How to Stop Your Dog Peeing on the Furniture

Puppy Humping: Is it normal and what to do?

Tips for Engaging and Bonding with your New Puppy

Puppy Lunging: At Faces, Other Dogs, People

Is Your Puppy Jumping and Ripping Clothes? Do this…

Puppy is Eating Grass: Should You Be Concerned?

Puppy Biting: When does it stop?

Too Late to Socialize Puppy? (Age Expectations)

Puppy Doesn’t Take Naps: (Relax Your Puppy)

Puppy is Aggressive: (Guide to aggression 2021)

Puppy is Sad and Depressed: (What to do about it)

Puppy Growls When Picked Up: (How to Resolve)

How to Train a Lazy Puppy: Training Strategies

Puppy Obsessed with Water: What You Need to Know

Restless Puppy: Why Your Puppy is Unsettled

Puppy Wakes Up Early: Guide To Sleeping in

Place Training a Puppy: (Guided Instructions)

Calm Down a Crazy Puppy: Hyper Zoomies!

Puppy Won’t Eat Breakfast: (Why and what to do)

Puppy won’t eat all their food: (Causes and Solution)

Your Puppy Doesn’t Bark? (Why and Expectations)

When Can You Let a Puppy Go? (How Many Weeks – Answered)

Will My Dog Jump Out of the Car Window?

Will My Dog Protect Me? (Answered)

Will Your Dog Attack You In Your Sleep?

Will Dog Stop Barking After Neutering or Spaying?

Will My Dog Kill My Cat? (Breeds and Chances)

Introducing a Dog to a Kitten or Cat (The Right Way)

Puppy Maintenance

How to Cut Your Puppy’s Nails: A Complete Guide

Poodle Puppy Teething Stages: Timeline and Guide

Puppy Shedding: (What you need to know)

Puppy Itching: Everything to Know

Puppy’s First Cut: How old should they be?

Picking up Dog Diarrhea: on grass, in public, at the park

Puppy ears won’t stand up? (Why and What to Do)

Puppy Health and Medical Concerns

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 5 Shocking Facts You Need to Know…

Is Your Puppy Cold? How to tell and what to do

Can Dogs Get Hemorrhoids? (Vet Answers)

Puppy Has Hiccups: What You Need to Know

Are Bully Sticks Safe For Puppies? (Answered)

Can you leave a puppy with a Kong or a Nylabone?

Puppy Breathing Fast When Asleep: Causes and Concerns

Getting Puppy to Gain Weight: (Weight Gain Guide)

Puppy smells like metal? (Causes and Concerns)

My Puppy is Always Hungry: Keep Feeding or Not?

Puppy Snoring – Why, and is it OK?

I dropped my puppy: (How to check your puppy)

My Puppy Has a Pink Nose: Will it Change Color?

Pointy Head Puppies: (Is the bump normal?)

Why Hasn’t My Puppy Lost Any Teeth?

Puppy Teeth Discolored: Brown, Yellow, Black

Can Dogs Break Their Nose? (Vet Answers)

Will my puppy stop marking after being neutered?

Dog Period? Here’s what you do

Dog Period Questions Answered (By Veterinarian)

Dog in Heat: Problems and Help (Veterinarian)

Dog Drinking Water and Vomiting? Here’s Why…

Dog’s Ears Are Hot: Why and What to do

Puppy Owner Interests

Puppy growth rate charts: (When puppies grow the most)

Puppy School vs Obedience Training: (Which One?)

How Long For a Puppy to Know You… (Revealed)

Exhausting Puppy: Are You Overwhelmed or Depressed?

Can you leave a puppy with a Kong or a Nylabone?

Playing Rough With Your Puppy: Is it OK?

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone: (8…12…24-hours)

Giving Puppies Attention: (3, 6, and 12-months)

Will My Puppy Ever be Cuddly? Here’s the truth…

Puppy Outgrows Their Crate: (Crate too small? When to stop?)

How long after getting a puppy can you go on holiday?

Second Dog Sleeping Arrangements

I hate my puppy, will I ever love them?

Regret Getting a Puppy: Here’s What to Do

Puppy Rage: Losing Your Temper with Your Puppy

Puppy Sleeping With You: What You Need to Know

Dogs Falling Off Beds: Will they, and what to do if they fall

Can Black Puppies Change Color?

Puppy Equipment

Martingale Collars: Everything to Know

Choosing a Dog Pen: Complete Guide (Size and Type)

Dog Slip Leads: (A Complete Guide 2021)

7 Proven Products for Dogs with Anxiety

Do Puppy Training Pads Contain Chemicals? (Safe or Toxic)

How Long Do Puppy Training Pads Last? (Answered)

What size dog bed for a puppy? (Go big or go small)

Petco vs PetSmart: Which is Better 2022

Adult Dog Posts

Dog Snoring: Why and What to do

Does Your Dog Care When You Cry? (Explained) 

Was Getting a Second Dog a Mistake?

Going on Vacation: Will my dog think I abandoned them?

Will My Dog Remember Me?

Are hardwood floors bad for dogs?

Dogs Eating Stuffing: (Why, how to stop it, and what to do if it happens)

Dogs Killing Puppies: (Mothers, Fathers, Why it Happens)

Dog Toy Squeakers: Are They Safe or Dangerous?

Can Unvaccinated Puppies Be Around Cats? (Yes or No)