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You can buy Hide’n’Treat toys from our Amazon store today!

Dogs of all ages often miss out on the mind exercises they need for complete wellbeing. It’s just as important as their daily walks!

The most common of treat dispensing toys is really no challenge to dogs, and has little effect on working their brains.

Other puzzle toys are made up of working parts and are cumbersome.

We simplified the puzzle toy by making a chew toy that connects together, over, and over. Owners simply place treats inside the toys, then connect them together!

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Each purchase comes with a pack of 4 connectable toys. This allows for various puzzle combinations.

The best thing is the more chew toys you have, the more puzzle combinations that can be made.

Each connectable end cap is a different size so owners can create various levels of difficulties.

The Hide’n’Treat puzzle toys are a training toy that suits each dog’s ability to solve the puzzle.

When first starting out, owners will connect the chew toy on the easiest difficulty level. Once their dog has mastered level 1, they move up to the next level.

Levels are indicated by numbers shown on the end of each cap.

After the success of the Puppy Play Mat, we wanted to design a new dog toy that would blow the rest out of the park. A puzzle toy that dogs of all ages couldn’t get enough of. A toy that would truly benefit them with working their mind and being super fun at the same time.

We had the idea of making a toy we could call “Legos for dogs”, and after months of ideas and design, the Hide’n’Treat was what we came up with.

To make it accessible to all dogs of all sizes and ages, we had to design it in a way that had varying levels of difficulties. We created two sizes of the toy, one for small dogs and puppies, and one for medium and large dogs.

Then we needed to find a way to alter the difficulty levels and that’s where the different size end caps came in.

There are 5 different size end caps that connect into the opening of each toy.

Each end cap also has an aperture so dogs can sniff out where the treats are hiding. The smellier the treat, the more the dog will want to get into the puzzle.

We’ve found some dogs need some help in knowing where the treat is hiding. To start these pooches off, we simply place treats into the opening of chew toys without closing the connection and allowing dogs to learn this is where the treat will be.

Once the dog knew it was in the chew toy, it was a matter of them finding ways to crack open the toys and get the reward.

Some dogs have found they can get it apart just using their mouths, while others use their paws to get them apart.

On the more difficult levels, dogs need to really use their minds to work out how to get the toys apart.

When they have a large puzzle toy made up of several Hide’n’Treat toys, there’s more leverage for the dog to be able to pull them apart. But as they get down to just a pair, the smaller toy becomes more of a challenge.

They’re the perfect toy for distracting dogs over large periods of time, and are ideal for reducing separation anxiety.

When the owner leaves home, they can make a puzzle that has some easy connections, and some more difficult connections. This will ensure the dog or puppy gets some easy rewards, but still needs to work hard to get to the treats in the more difficult connections.

The Hide’n’Treat toys are made of non-toxic rubber, which is ultra-durable, yet not too hard that dogs will hurt themselves. We worked hard on many samples to get the perfect formula, and while it took a long time, it was worth definitely the wait.

Each connection progresses perfectly from one to the next. The number 1 connection is very easy to pull apart, while the number 5 is very difficult, for the dogs who have strong jaws and smart minds.

We’re looking forward to seeing how dogs respond to the Hide’n’Treat puzzle toys. The dogs and puppies that have so far tested the chew toys took some initial time to learn how to use the puzzle, but once they did it’s become their favorite thing to do.

Owners have expressed how much they love them, and that they can build a puzzle that will keep their dog busy for hours in a day.

One owner of a Border Collie named Jessie said that it’s been a Godsend. They love that they can make a big puzzle and let Jessie go at it, working her brain, while they can sit and have their coffee.

We just hope customers spend the time it takes initially to teach their dogs where the treat is hiding. If owners are willing to do this, we think the Hide’n’Treat will be as successful, if not more so, than our Puppy Play Mat.

You can buy Hide’n’Treat toys from our Amazon store today!