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Your puppy will sleep for 18-20 hours in a day, and the other 4-6 hours they’ll be playing! The HoundGames playmat gives your puppy a soft foam napping pad for when they’re taking their daytime naps, and there will be many of them! And when they wake, there’ll be toys for them to play with, too.

The Benefits

  • Memory foam sleeping mat for multiple day-time naps
  • Can be placed in an area you want your puppy to play safely
  • Variety of toys to keep your puppy entertained for longer
  • Made of the best quality materials for durability and longevity
  • Perfect for traveling with your dog, giving them a mat to sleep with toys, all-in-one.

The Play Mat Story

Hi, I’m Marie Capell. I had the idea for the playmat after visiting a baby products store looking for a pram for our second child. After seeing the baby play mats I wondered why they didn’t have them for dogs. I ended up buying a cheap one and testing it on our puppy at the time. And it became his favorite toy!

After that, I decided I wanted to create a dog toy business using the playmat as my first product. With the help of my husband, we started the beginning of a steep learning curve and a long journey to getting our toy to market.

It’s been so rewarding seeing photos and videos of puppies and even older dogs using and loving our playmat. It’s my absolute favorite part of doing this whole thing and it feels me with joy to think I’m enriching the life of puppies all over the United States.

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Place Training with the Playmat

One thing I didn’t foresee was what a great tool it’s turned out to be for dog owners. A major problem for many dog owners, and especially puppy owners, is that dogs can sometimes get in our way. Especially during activities like cooking, or when guests come over.

Training a dog the “Place” command means you can send them off to a location, which gets them out from under your feet. Or if they are an over-excited puppy, it’s also a great way to calm them down.

Here is a guide we created on Place training. We of course recommend using our play mat to do this, as it’s padded, has toys to occupy them, and is also transportable. So you can take it with you wherever you go, and you can use the “Place” command.

Me and our Bobby dog!


When I first started designing the playmat I thought about colors and wanted to make it bright and colorful like a baby play mat. But then I thought dogs only see in black and white, don’t they? I then learned they actually see in blue and a somewhat mustardy color.

Blues are more vivid to them and I read a study that showed toys in certain colors, like blue and yellow, are more attractive to them. It also explained why dog agility courses are made up of obstacles painted in blue and yellow.

And so we decided that the playmat would be in blue and yellow, to heighten the engagement of the toy. We stuck to this for about the first 6000 playmats we sold. But during this time we received dozens of emails from people asking for a girl’s color for their puppy.

We decided to then offer a choice of pink, and at the beginning of 2020, we started selling the variation. And we’re glad we did because little girl pups and their pink play mats are so gorgeous!

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Hidden Zipper for Wash-ability

Our first version of the Puppy Playmat had an issue with puppies biting the zipper apart. So we worked on the design to hide the zipper so their curious nature couldn’t get to it. Luckily it worked and since then the playmat has stood the test of time.

It’s also very easy to fold back the concealing fabric and unzip the cover, so the memory foam can be removed and the toy can be put in the wash.

Eco-Friendly Toys

It was important to us that we not only sourced quality materials for the playmat, but that we were as environmentally friendly as we could be. And so we chose to use eco-friendly rubber rather than natural rubber. You hear natural rubber and you think ‘that sounds good for the environment’ when actually what it means is that the rubber came from the rubber tree.

Our chew toys are synthetic, and yet completely harmless. And most importantly, they’re durable!

Puppy’s Love It!

We’ve now sold thousands of puppy playmats, and I’m just amazed!

We’ve had enormous support from dog owners and countless emails of owners wanting to know what other toys we sell. We now sell a puzzle toy which we’re waiting on a patent for, and so far, reviews have been very positive.

If you’re one of our customers, I want to thank you sincerely for your support and we just can’t wait to keep offering quality toys for dogs of all kinds out there.

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