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There are three different sized poodles, all of the same breed, but of varying heights. In this article we address each type of poodle and their expected growth rates and final size.

Each of the poodles grow at different rates and with all three types they will reach their full height before their full weight.

A good rule to follow is that the larger the poodle, the longer they will take to reach their full height.

Toy Poodle

At What Age Do Toy Poodles Stop Growing? Toy Poodles stop growing at about 6-7 months. When they reach their full height, they will continue to fill out and gain weight. A full-grown Toy Poodle will grow no taller than 10-inches tall from the shoulder and weigh 4-6 pounds.

Miniature Poodle

At What Age Do Miniature Poodles Stop Growing? Miniature Poodles stop growing at about 7-12 months. When they reach their full height, they will continue to fill out and gain weight. A full-grown Miniature Poodle will grow 10-15 inches tall from the shoulder and weigh 10-15 pounds.

Standard Poodle

At What Age Do Standard Poodles Stop Growing? Standard Poodles stop growing at about 2-years, however 90% of their growth is complet by 6-months. By 2-years they will be at their full height and weight. A full-grown male will weigh 60-70 pounds, and a female will weigh 40-50 pounds.

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Here are three typical growth charts for each of the three poodles. As you can see, the Toy Poodle grows rapidly, reaching full height and weight far quicker than the Standard Poodle.

In all three charts you can see how a poodle’s final weight takes longer than their final height.

Chart showing Toy Poodle Growth Rate, reaching full height by 6 to 7 months Chart showing Miniature Poodle Growth Rate, can reach full height by 7 months

Of interest in the graph below is how the Standard Poodle reaches 90% of it’s full height very quickly, within 6-7 months. However, after that point, it can take another year of more to grow their last 10 percent.

Chart showing Standard Poodle Growth Rate, reaching full height by 2 years

Measure Your Poodle

When you measure your poodle, start from the ground up to the top of their shoulder blades (withers).

Growth Milestones for Poodles

Although the three different poodles grow at different rates, for the most part their puppy development runs parallel.

This guide will give you some idea of where they should be at any given age and some of the things you can do to help them.

Age Milestone
0-2 weeks Touch and smell only with no sight or sound.
3 weeks Eyes and ears are now open. Standing and starting to walk.
4 – 12 weeks Teeth have developed and exploring the area around Mom. Starting to ween off Mom (will take up to 8 weeks). De-worming. Start vaccinations. Off to a new home. Important to socialize during this time as it’s the most important window for long-term development.
3-4 months Testing and learning their boundaries. Important to set strict boundaries during this period.
4-6 months Teething period. Obedience training. Puppy is still learning their boundaries. Should be socialized often to avoid shyness.
6-12 months Can be neutered or spayed. Reaching sexual maturity and may challenge learned boundaries and pack hierarchy. May display sexual behavior. Transition from puppy food to dog food. Toy and Miniature Poodles are fully grown.
12-24 months Sleep time will decrease. Becoming calmer. Standard Poodles are fully grown.
24-36 months Becoming a more emotionally mature and calmer dog who can self-sooth and regulate. The hard work you put into establishing boundaries early on is now paying dividends.

Maturity and Life Span

Something important to know is that even when your puppy reaches their full height, that doesn’t mean they’re no longer a puppy. This is especially relatable to the Toy Poodle, as they grow to full height much quicker than the Standard Poodle.

Your poodle won’t reach emotional maturity until their second birthday, at which point you will see a more mature personality reveal itself.

In saying that, the Toy Poodle and the Miniature Poodle will reach adulthood quicker than the Standard Poodle. They will also tend to live longer than their larger counterparts.

A Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle will live for 12-15 years. There are Toy and Miniature Poodles that have lived up to 18-years with good genes and a healthy, well-balanced diet.

The average age for a Standard Poodle is 12 years. Interestingly, there are reports of even Standard Poodles living up to 18-years of age, however, this is uncommon.

Puppy’s Parents

A good way to know how big your poodle will get is by looking at previous litters, or your pup’s parents. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can track down puppies from previous litters.

Ask your puppy’s breeder if they know anyone on Instagram who is showing off one of the previous litter pups. This can give idea of what they might look like in the future.

If you use your puppy’s parents to gauge your puppy’s future size, keep in mind genetics can be complicated and recessive genes can throw you curve balls.

For the most part though, you can use your pup’s parents to get some idea. If you have a female puppy, then she’s likely to be a similar size to her mom. And if you have a boy pup, then he could be the same size as dad or grandpa.

Food for Development

A well-balanced diet is essential to your poodle so they grow up free of health concerns, or developmental issues. Stick to quality well-trusted brands.

We recommend Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy, as it’s not only a well-balanced nutritious puppy food, it also has a high amount of fiber. This will help keep their poop regular and be easier to clean up too!

If you want to keep your puppy on wet food, or make their food more enticing, we recommend Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Plate. It’s a fantastic topper that your puppy will love and as it’s grain free, your puppy won’t succumb to any allergens like some other foods.

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Poodles can be susceptible to weight gain. Although their final target weight should occur after they have met their final height, this isn’t always the case. A poodle puppy who eats too many treats or large dinners can surpass their target weight.

Here is a good video to work out if your poodle is overweight.