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A Dog Toy Made for a Dog’s Visual Spectrum

It’s been almost 30 years since Dr. Jay Neitz discovered that a dog’s vision is dichromatic in nature, and that the color spectrum that dogs see is similar to that of a red-green color blind human. The two spectral types of cone photoreceptors that dogs have allow them to only see in a spectrum of blue and a somewhat mustardy color.

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Moreover, In July, 2013, a paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B revealed that for eight previously untrained dogs, color proved to be more informative than brightness when choosing between visual stimuli.

The way dogs see the world graphic

This leads to the question, why are so many dog toys made in colors they can’t see? One would suggest it is because humans are the intended market as they are, after all, the one purchasing the toy. Another could be that there is still a lack of awareness of how dogs see the world.

Red is a popular color for dog toys, and yet to a dog this color presents in the spectrum of gray, and most likely a darker gray. Not a toy we humans would probably choose from the shelf for our pooch.

With this research in mind, we created a toy designed in the spectrum dogs see best, and the results have been impressive. The vast majority of dogs that have played with the toy have had a strong connection, one happy owner saying, “My two puppies LOVE this mat. It is hands down their favorite toy!”

Although the initial product had its teething issues, an improved version of the toy has now been released and is now stronger and safer than before, but still with all the great benefits and features.