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In addition to feeding and providing engaging activities to your puppy, you also need to bathe them to keep them clean and healthy. But can you bathe your puppy everyday, and if not, then how often?

So let’s walk you through the proper bathing schedule for puppies!

adorable pet dog take shower in bath before grooming

How Often Is It Ok to Bathe a Puppy?

If you own a pet dog, you know how essential bathing is to their well-being. It helps with their coat and overall health, decreasing the risk of skin diseases and allergens.

That said, puppies and adult dogs have different bathing needs. So you can’t shower your puppy as frequently as you do with older dogs.

Most experts agree that a once-a-month bathing schedule is optimal for puppies. This bathing routine will keep their coat clean without risking their skin and fur health.

Still, there are several considerations to think about before you start dunking your pup into water. Their age, coat density, and behavior can determine the frequency of showers puppies require.

The general rule of thumb is to increase your bathing frequency as your pup grows. And you should also look at your dog’s behavior and activity level.

When Can I Bathe My Puppy for the First Time?

Age is a critical factor when bathing your puppy. You should avoid washing pups that are less than two months (eight weeks) old.

We don’t recommend bathing young puppies because of their still-developing coat. Unlike adult doggies, a pup’s thin fur won’t be able to regulate the temperature.

Exposing them to water during this period can result in either overheating or chilling. These instances can cause several health issues, including heat exhaustion or hypothermia.

So, when should you start bathing your pup?

The best time to start showering your puppy is when they’re at least two to three months old. During this time, the pup should have enough fur thickness to handle heat and cold.

If it’s your first time owning a dog, we suggest you take your pup to the nearest groomer. This way, experts can guide you on how to clean your young pet.

Can I Bathe My Puppy Every Week?

lovely pomeranian dog in a pink towel after bath, grooming

Unlike adult dogs, you don’t need to bathe your puppy weekly to maintain its skin and coat. So, unless the furry creature has a habit of getting dirty, it’s best to stick to the monthly schedule.

Most owners would wait for the pup to turn six months old before washing them more than once a month—when the pup’s fur starts changing into adult fur.

More importantly, skin issues could arise from over-bathing your puppy.

Constant exposure to water can strip your pup’s skin of moisture. This problem leads to skin drying, a condition that’s often accompanied by itching, flaking, and dandruff.

Another setback of over-bathing is it depletes the natural oil of your pet’s skin and coat. A decrease in this oil will contribute to skin dryness and reduce your pet’s coat luster.

How To Bathe Your Puppy

Of course, knowing how much to bathe your pet is only the first step. You also need to learn the safe and proper steps when washing your young doggy:

Step 1: Know Your Pet’s Fur Type

Before anything else, ensure you know how to wash the fur type of your pup. It’s because different breeds and coats need different types of shampoo and conditioner.

You can talk to your vet to determine the brand of cleaning products suitable for your puppy. They may also suggest unique cleaning methods based on your pet’s coat.

Step 2: Pick the Right Bathing Spot

Keeping your furry companion comfortable is vital to a successful cleaning session. So, picking a spot where they feel safe can go a long way to make the experience enjoyable.

It’s especially true when washing your puppies for the first time. So choose a wide-enough bathing space so the pup doesn’t feel constrained.

Step 3: Ready Your Treats and Praises

Providing treats makes the pup associate bathing with something they love. This method is an excellent way to ease your pet’s anxiety with water.

Moreover, cuddling, swaddling, and praising are fantastic habits to reinforce the puppy’s feeling of safety. Playing teaches your pet that grooming isn’t scary.

Step 4: Wet Your Pet’s Coat

Place your puppy in the bathtub or sink gently. Then, using the showerhead or sink sprayer, wet its fur gently, starting from its feet upwards.

Don’t forget to use lukewarm water when bathing your pet. And use a gentle stream of water to avoid startling your young furry friend.

Step 5: Apply Shampoo Carefully

Once its coat is thoroughly wet, apply the shampoo. Squirt a conservative amount of shampoo on your palm and rub it carefully on the pup’s fur.

Use gentle hand motions, moving toward the fur direction, when spreading the shampoo. Avoid the puppy’s nose, eyes, and mouth to prevent irritation.

Step 6: Follow With Conditioner

Immediately follow with conditioner after rinsing the shampoo. Cleaning agents often strip the skin of oils, so your puppy will need the conditioner to prevent their coat from drying.

Apply conditioner the same way you apply the shampoo. Afterward, thoroughly rinse the pup’s coat to remove all traces of the cleaning agent.

Step 7: Dry and Towel the Pup

Finish the bath session with a quick blow dry. Set the dryer on the lowest setting and blow it over the pup’s coat.

Don’t hold the dryer too close to prevent overheating your furry pet. And don’t apply blow-dry creams or styling agents.

How To Clean Puppies Less Than Two Months Old?

If a puppy less than two months old really needs cleaning, the best method is to use warm water, a towel, and a dryer. Here are a few quick steps to follow when cleaning young pups:

  1. First, pick a warm spot in your home away from drafts.
  2. Then use a soft washcloth to avoid irritating the puppy’s skin.
  3. Dip the washcloth in lukewarm water and use it to wipe its coat gently.
  4. Start from the pup’s head and down to its legs and tails.
  5. Frequently dip the washcloth in lukewarm water to maintain temperature.

Remember to work as quickly as possible to prevent the pup from getting cold. Afterward, dry pat the puppy with a clean towel and blow dry using the dryer’s lowest setting.

Avoid using shampoo or conditioner when cleaning puppies less than two months old. Talk to your veterinarian if you think a shampoo, or other cleaning agent, is necessary.

Is It Ok to Bathe My Dog Once a Week?

A once-a-month bathing schedule should do well for most dogs. But you can shower these furry creatures once each week, especially if they’re active.

Weekly washing helps prevent itching for doggies with thick coats. It removes allergens from their fur before they can penetrate the skin.

Some dogs like to spend time running around outdoors. If you have these hyperactive doggies, they may need a weekly shower routine to keep their coat pristine.

Can I Bathe My Dog 2 Times a Week?

Puppy Pounds American Pit Bull Terrier Wash In Bath

The American Kennel Club suggests washing pet dogs with medium to thick coats weekly or monthly, depending on their lifestyle and coat condition.

In other words, you may wash your furry companion twice a week or as often as necessary, long as you properly maintain the dog’s coat between baths.

That said, it’s worth noting that fur thickness isn’t the only factor when deciding on a cleaning schedule for your dog. In fact, some hairless breeds, like the Chinese Crested, require more shower time than most furry canines.

How Do You Get Rid of Puppy Smell?

Dogs are fantastic companions, and we certainly adore them. Still, having a furry pet roommate can bring stinky problems to your house.

Our canine friends can take on the smells of their environment. So, if they usually spend considerable time outdoors, you can expect their fur to collect unpleasant scents.

Thankfully, there are ways available to minimize this stinky issue. Below are some tips to eliminate the puppy smell from your home:

  • Cleaning the areas your pups hang around.
  • Minimizing their time outside your home.
  • Bathing frequently to ensure they’re always clean and healthy

Finally, try investing in cleaning supplies such as pet hair removers and carpet cleaners. These tools will speed up the cleaning process, preventing undesirable odors from lingering.

Final Word

Bathing can be a daunting task for first-time dog owners. Much more if you own a puppy, as they need special care and attention.

So to recap, you don’t need to bathe puppies every day. Washing them once a month should be enough to keep their coats clean without risking skin and health issues.