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So you’re choosing a crate for your Border Collie… you’ve come to the right place! Being a medium-sized dog, it’s easy to get this choice wrong. And if you do, too much space will have them using it as a toilet instead of a place to sleep. And not enough space will make their crate uncomfortable and can even cause anxiety and depression.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right crate size for your Border Collie. The main one is your dog’s age, but another important factor is the type of crate, and what material is best for your dog.

What Size Crate for a Border Collie Puppy

The best size crate for a Border Collie puppy is one that comes with dividers. Otherwise, you will need to get a small crate that won’t last long before you need to upgrade its size. You would then move the divider as your puppy grows, ensuring they have the perfect amount of space within their crate.

Once your puppy is large enough you can remove the final divider. So the best question to ask when choosing a crate for your Border Collie is, What is the right size for a fully grown Border Collie?

And that’s if you intend you use it for them as an adult, and there are definitely advantages to doing so!

Avoid buying your BC puppy a crate that will fit them as an adult, but without dividers for when they are small. Too much space will take away the incredible house-training effect crate training has. Plus it won’t give them the sense of safety of a correct size crate.

What Size Crate for a Border Collie

The right size crate for a Border Collie is a large 42-inch crate. Although a Border Collie is considered a medium-sized dog, a 42-inch crate with dividers we find to be the most suitable size. This way you can keep it small for their toilet training, but when they’re an adult, there’s enough room to comfortably move around and sleep.

The exact size we like is the 42-inches by 28 inches by 30 inches. You could get away with a 36-inch crate if need be, but it’s not ideal in our opinion. When we say a 42-inch crate or a 36-inch crate, we are referring to the length of that crate, and not the height.

If you want to save the extra dollars by getting a smaller crate, consider that later on you might decide it’s too small and need to buy a larger one in any case, thus costing you more.

Types and Materials of Crates

Choosing the best material, type, and brand of crate is important.

Your Border Collie will get a lot of use out of the crate, potentially years of use. This means it’s definitely worth spending the money on a quality crate that will last through that time.

There are basically two groups, traveling crates, and home crates. From there, you just choose what material you like best!

Types of crates for Border Collies

Folding Wire

Wire crates are the most common and popular type of crate. Many come with dividers, they can fold down for storage, they have hard plastic bottoms for easy cleaning, and also come in a variety of sizes.

They’re also durable and your Border Collie will find it nearly impossible to chew a hole in one!


These crates are lightweight and are the perfect choice for transportation. They assemble easily and fold away for space saving.

These soft crates are usually made out of canvas or nylon. This makes them more easily torn or chewed than wire or plastic crates.

If your BC likes to scratch and chew a lot, then this might not be the crate for you.

Plastic crates

Plastic crates can be used for Border Collies as they usually go up to a medium-sized dog. The plastic is usually heavy duty, they have a swinging front door, and a carry handle on top.

These are a great choice for taking your BC to the vet or on holidays, and if you plan on flying with your dog then they also fit this bill. This is due to their lightweight but durable nature.

Wooden crates

A wooden crate is ideal for in home use only, and can actually add to your home décor. This is a great choice if you’re not a fan of the aesthetics of a wire crate.

As your Border Collie will likely use their crate for their entire life, it can be a good option, however they are more costly. Not only to buy, but also in shipping costs, too.

They can also damage easily from rough play and chewing. We’d recommend getting one for an adult Border Collie who has already outgrown their teething and toileting stage.

Heavy-duty steel crate

These crates are for dogs who chew and chew hard. A rambunctious Border Collie could damage the other crates, however it’s unlikely they would ever require one of these crates.

Best Crate for a Border Collie

When choosing our list of best crates for Border Collies we selected using criteria of cost, durability, and features. We also considered reviews, because if you’re like me, they matter a lot!

Best Wire Crate for Border Collies

Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

We love this crate as it’s more affordable than almost every other crate, yet still has all the required features and still has fantastic reviews. It comes with two doors, has a movable divider, and has an easy-to-clean tray.

It’s also easy to assemble, has travel handles, and best of all, there’s a Border Collie in their product image!

Best Wire Crate on Amazon

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

This is a great alternative to the above crate, with possibly a higher quality build. They come with the divider and have a double door as well, plus they also have a better locking mechanism. We’d still choose the crate on Chewy over this one, but if you like to buy on Amazon then this is the choice for you.

Best Soft Crate for Border Collies

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

This soft crate comes with a strong steel frame and heavy-duty 600D Hex weave fabric. It’s perfect for traveling Border Collies! It has a variety of colors and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Best Plastic Crate for Border Collies

Petmate Vari Dog Kennel

If you like to go flying with your Border Collie, or just prefer the travel aspect of hard plastic crates, then we recommend the Peetmate Vari. It’s airline approved and has barely any assembling required.

Best Wood Crate for Border Collies

Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

If you want a crate that actually adds to your decor, then this is the crate for you. It’s not suitable to a puppy Border Collie, as there aren’t any dividers. However, if your BC is already fully grown, then it’s a very attractive crate and will do the job perfectly well. It comes in two wood stains and has a beautiful mat as well.

Best Premium Crate

Revol Dog Crate by Diggs

If you’re after the bee’s knees of dog crates, and you want one that will last for just about forever, then this is the crate for your Border Collie!

Designed from the inspiration of the baby industry, the crate is non-toxic and built with premium materials. You can also get a gorgeous mat to go with it, too!

Final Word

Border Collies are gorgeous dogs that are versatile and full of energy. And crate training them is a great way to not only housetrain them, but to also give them a den to feel comfortable and safe. But getting the right size crate is an important aspect of crate training. Hopefully, this guide has given you the information you need to go out and buy one with confidence they’re getting what they need to thrive.

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